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Slappin' Bird

Slappin’ Bird, Pushin’ Rope

Sometimes three, sometimes five best pals and their exquisitely-built equine assistants sometimes get their hands on working audio recording equipment and a stolen WiFi connection in their squatters dungeon. Enjoy the mayhem, complimented by our various characters. Western Griparoni! Miss you Jeffrey Epstein (Aka Jeffey), we got cokies for you when you get back! SLPN News with Chauncey Quincy Whittaker! The Handjob Witch! Antoine Balducci! Benjamin Netanyoohoo, founder of Yahoo Email! And f*ck the Blue Man Group! Fuck those guys! Seriously, I wish they were all dead. Instagram: @slappinbirdpod Start hosting your own podcast with BuzzSprout. Find out more here: